Empowered Birth Group Course

Let me take you on a journey from feeling anxious, nervous and scared of your birth – to feeling CONFIDENT, EXCITED and EMPOWERED to give birth to your baby!
Group Course, online, 10 hours over 4 weeks (2.5 hours per session)

You will never regret investing in your birth, every Woman deserves an empowered birth experience!

Lliwen MacRae
Online Group Course
10 hours over 4 weeks
(2.5 hours per session)



Event Details

What to expect?

  • Time to thoroughly prepare for your birth as a Mother and birth partner.
  • Support to feel empowered and confident about birth.
  • Antenatal education about what happens in your body and mind during childbirth.
  • Get to know other couples who are expecting at the same time as you.
  • Learn coping and relaxation techniques for labour and birth.
  • Hypnobirthing Workbook to reinforce what will be learnt in the sessions.
  • Contact via WhatsApp/messenger.
  • x10 Hypnobirthing mp3 tracks.
  • Release fears surrounding your birth.
  • Have time once a week for you, your birth partner and your baby to bond and connect.
  • PLUS extra resources including links to positive birth videos, social media groups, birth preferences document + MORE!

Let me take you on a journey from feeling anxious, nervous and scared – to excited, confident and empowered about your birth!

Session 1: Hypnobirthing – what is it? The importance between the mind/body connection and how it influences our birth experience. Learn about self-hypnosis and how to develop a positive mindset. Why do we feel pain and how to feel more comfortable?

Session 2: Hypnobirthing tools & techniques – the power of relaxation!  Massage, visualization, breathing techniques, language, birth environment, the birth hormones, how can your birth partner best support you + MORE

Session 3: How to get the best out of the maternity system. What are your rights and choices when it comes to pregnancy and birth? How to make the right decisions for you and your baby and feel confident in your choices. How your birth partner can advocate for you + MORE

Session: 4: The stages of labour and what can we do in each stage to boost the birth hormones and help us feel comfortable. How to prevent tearing, the golden hour after birth and creating a birth preferences document. Discussion around different scenarios and how to have an empowered birth even if your labour goes off your intended path. Get excited about your birth! *Any medical or health concerns should be discussed with your healthcare provider* Terms and Conditions